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by Sammus

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tuwonwon thumbnail
tuwonwon Great work, and Sammus' beat work truly began to shine BRIGHT with this one. Favorite track: School's Out.
MxAshlynn thumbnail
MxAshlynn Such an important album IMO~ Favorite track: Reset.
Metroid Lover
Metroid Lover thumbnail
Metroid Lover Sammus is so vulnerable on this track. I love that she is a rough and tough spitter, but it's also very cool to hear her open up a little bit. Favorite track: Lovesong.
Paul Bunyan
Paul Bunyan thumbnail
Paul Bunyan It's Sammus' second full length project. And a love letter to the female Space Bounty Hunter Samus Aran. Sammus is unafraid to take the listeners on a journey whether it's the daily grind, or an intergalactic voyage. She's brought more to the table this time around with Open Mike Eagle and Chance Fisher on this album. I love M'Other Brain so much that I had to cop this one too. Favorite track: DL.
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School's Out 03:56
CHORUS School’s out for the summer School’s out forever x 2 VERSE Got a stack of student loans Can’t leave town for another year 25 gotta live at home Need to sneak around call it Metal Gear Mom’s all in yo' shit Asking when you gon' leave Like yo get of of my dick You supposed to be on my team You smoke a bit of that green Every single day to take a little bit of edge off You think you going insane Wanna run away quicker than a blue hedgehog Overworked Underpaid And to say you’re stressed Is an understatement They working you like a slave Your boss be acting like a dominatrix Check the mail Sallie Mae Got another bill You forgot to pay Been a living hell After graduation Can’t complain Cuz they always say That knowledge is power So we drop thousands of dollars Much more than lots of us have To get enough credit hours Or maybe just to build up a network Do I really got to pay my whole net worth? When everything I’m finna learn I’ll forget it in another semester We rotate in a circle round and round we just keep spinning It’s why I call my generation graduated cylinders CHORUS VERSE 2 I got a loan at financial aid They steady tryna play me We on the phone at least once a day So it’s almost like were dating I need a check for my textbooks At 50 each it ain’t coming cheap And another G for my Macbook My bank account finna rest in peace At an ATM with a rosary and I don’t want to check my balance I just wanna buy my groceries Nigga I just wanna get through college Soon its gonna get real violent Students finna be astonished They gonna wanna throw Katanas They dealing with the broken promise That politicans want to say to kids Like long division finna pay the bills But they never gonna go admit That it’s hard to go and get a hundred thousand chips And when you talking school reform They actin’ like it’s TMI They so busy makin’ sure They pockets got big BMI Big banks give patronage That is hazardous To the graduates But no matter how bad it gets They don’t fuck like abstinence So if I had to pick to stay in school or to dip then I would do it like 'Ye and be the dopest statistic yo CHORUS
Nu Black 03:13
CHORUS They like who dat? I’m that Nu Black I like a dude who got the waves with a durag Who like to boogie with the bass high -- boom bap And he too good to play no games like a fullback They like who dat? I’m that Nu Black I like a daddy who just love a little Brubeck I like a nappy motherfucker in a suit that Rock it like a dapper kind of brother -- that’s a cool cat VERSE 1 A nice guy who can get on my level He can keep it high brow when he high like stilleto He ain't never hide out from his life in the ghetto He ain’t nothing like the child of Gepetto He can rock a low cut caeser with the deep waves Or be a grown up leavin' with a briefcase A high roller or he can be a cheapskate He just gotta know what I’m needing in a teammate Yo I’m a Nu Black chick Im in school at 6 Made a rap upload it Then I move traffic I can stop that too When I rock catsuits Though I’m always on the ave In my combat boots I'mma set the record straight something like a phonograph Its gon' take some work to change the last half of my autograph I’m a go-getter want a winner for my other half Don’t get bitter 50/50 he should know the math CHORUS They like who dat? I’m that Nu Black I like a dude who got the waves with a durag Who like to boogie with the bass high -- boom bap And he too good to play no games like a fullback They like who dat? I’m that Nu Black I like a daddy who just love a little Brubeck I like a nappy motherfucker in a suit that Rock it like a dapper kind of brother -- that’s a cool cat VERSE 2 It take a lot to get me open though I’m hopin' for Somebody who be doper than corner up in Baltimore Don’t like to shop but he gotta have a lot in store And be a connoisseur of things I never saw before We’ll get along If the homey edify me And he can hit the bong But he’ll never pop a molly Whenever he be wrong If he know to go I’m sorry Maybe we’ll be one Call it Piccolo and Kami For the time being He don’t need to drop a dime Fuck a diamond We don’t need a rock to shine If you my man We don’ trip on doller signs With the finance He do him and I’ll get mine I wanna know if we broke That we both can devote To love from above and below And we can joke when we old And we rollin' in dough When we croak that our souls will elope CHORUS They like who dat? I’m that Nu Black I like a dude who got the waves with a durag Who like to boogie with the bass high -- boom bap And he too good to play no games like a fullback They like who dat? I’m that Nu Black I like a daddy who just love a little Brubeck I like a nappy motherfucker in a suit that Rock it like a dapper kind of brother -- that’s a cool cat x2
CHORUS I work hard for the money Harder for the fans Hardest for myself And the artists that understand Success -- is not given Unless you willing to grind Invest in your decision To doing the things you like VERSE 1 I Started producing songs at the age of seventeen When my brother put me on he taught me how to play with reason And pretty soon I’m decent and I made a couple of tracks I showed a few to like three friends and they told me that it was wack These cats suggested I master A different kind of approach I could begin a new chapter I said I’d give it a go Had an aversion to rappers And all they big butt hoes But Ye converted me After he made that chipmunk soul So in my undergrad on my mac I began to sample things Flip a track on its back til its no resemb-a-lance Built a little catalogue I'm thinking that I’m better and I dug it like a catacomb it took a while to get it that My beats didn’t really show the best of me I knew I had to switch up all the recipes I invested cheese in the proper gear Spent a couple Gs and a bunch of years And those long days stressed out Like donde esta the next big fiesta We next up CHORUS VERSE 2 (Chance Fischer) Tell SAMMUS I'll give 'em that work Been doing this shit since I was getting nursed Conceive a verse in my bedroom giving birth When I let the flow break I was quenching their thirst Let me take it back to the Randolph Courts Where n*ggas had snakeskin all over their J's Black durags all over their waves With the cape screaming "Hoes ain't shit that we save" In the hood, I was rapping like Can-I-Bus But n*ggas weren't feeling my flowin' Till I said I'd pull the mac out on all them n*ggas Leave a door bloody like it's Passover 12-year-old drug dealing n*ggas wearing Jordans Rapping about guns, weed smoke and extortion All up on the corners and on n*ggas front porches Diamonds in the rough, flow wasn't yet gorgeous Fast forward -- I'm a junior in the Ivy League Higher than them towers of ivory Picture me dying for an I-N-C Put the "I" in team and envisioned my dream Couldn't match my hustle - 5 raps a day for three semesters Working on flows missing Greek fiestas Shittin' on rappers when the beat digested I invested money that I didn't have For something you'd have to see on the shoulder of a giant My self-esteem must have been something like Goliath Now the flow smooth and I'm something like Poseidon 12 year old rappin' in the midst of misguided youth Now I rap to inspire through The words that I crafted in the vocal booth That started as a youngin' trying to show and prove CHORUS VERSE 3 When I started out flow wasn’t nice I had to do a little research Now I’m good to go I’m back to life Like I’m celebrating Easter I’m hungry now got fork and knife And I really wanna eat first I practice hard I’m cold as ice Never listen in a T-shirt I'd just be rappin in the camry While I rode around the block Now I’m standing here commanding Every show I gotta to rock I been to Austin, Brooklyn, Houston, nigga Upstate And I’m still cookin' music you can just wait I make plans around the clock Got an album that’s coming in the summer First chance it get to drop Without a doubt it’s a bestseller I had to find a crew that would invest in me incessently Even Wonder Woman had the blessings of the Justice League I found a place at that NuBlack Worked hella days to make moves I produced tracks so major Made big waves like a durag And I’m proof that it’s suicide To take a break from the booth That’s a space to make other crews ask Who’s next?
Growin' Up 03:59
CHORUS Get your life together It’s all fallin' apart You won’t be young forever No matter who you are x2 We just pourin' up Throwin' up I’m hopin we gone know enough To notice when we growin up Growin' up Growin' up x2 VERSE 1 Got a bottle in your hand with the top unscrewed Put a shot up in the air then you say, "Salut" To forget about the day and the things you would say If you could but you can’t cuz they all taboo And you don't really get it why you date that fool Got a hundred baby daddies like her name Badu Shoulda run away hella asap You ain’t wanna listen now she gone and got ya name tattoo’d She a bad girl Friends bad too You just wanna kick it like you in shaq fu Got red lips call her mouth Ragu Got brown skin color of Apu Give a little bit head --- Vidal Sassoon Now she all up in you crib and she get mad rude When you tell her she gon' need to get away She all up in your face 'til you get a ring and say "I do" Wow -- now she got a kid on the way Claim it’s your baby but it’s hard to say And if you deny it then you gotta pay She gon' take you to trial they’ll take you to state Thinking that you shoulda listened to 'Ye Messing with gold diggers half of your age Imagine the look on her face When you finna say You really make minimum wage CHORUS VERSE 2 Grind a hundred days, partyin for two Every single week it’s like déjà vu Boo -- even on the days ya’ll do Get a second off you gon' waste that too You ain't making moves something like statues You only leave the room when you want fast food Or when you in the club and you act baboon Throwin' bows giving black eyes like raccoons Forever 21 in your clothes and your mind Everybody growin' up you be frozen in time We get it baby girl was a dime But every other second you be posin' online We know you used to be super bad You boast about what you used to have You older now should be wiser too You slowin' down like it’s Houston rap And you ain't really like your crib Like your job, you hate your car But you ain't finna save no change You gon' drop pesos at the mall Steady tryna get it all Like you playin' pokemon Got a budget like Aladdin Tryna ball like you Jafar (You need to...) CHORUS
Free Intro 00:35
Free 03:09
VERSE Thought I got a little real estate On a couple blogs But now I can tell the real and fake I’m still an underdog Im hardly getting cheddar Steady snacking on Velveeta It’ll prolly be a minute 'Til I’m stackin up Doritos Half these bitches want to test me like a lady brand new Checkin' messages has got me racing off the handle Want a couple instrumentals pay me and I’ll send you Nah I ain’t environmental paperless I can’t do And that’s a big scandal cuz they steady be like "Give us free" I’ll give 'em back everything that they be giving to me I’m clockin 20 hours To reach a rough draft Holla when you get some dollars I’ll send a bounce back Nah I ain’t money hungry My stomach really growling I’m on my grad school hustle Tryna be selling my talent These niggas acting puzzled Like my request invalid You wanna flex that muscle? You can go toss up my salad CHORUS But you can’t have my gift You can’t have my gift for free Free Free Free Free If you can’t handle it You can catch eternal zs Zs Bitch please Fuck you talking 'bout x2 VERSE If artists make good work It's important that you purchase To keep em feeling determined In they purpose on this earth It's some niggas undeserving Inexplicably they earning They tell me I be wearing Kermit’s color on my person But I’m just being earnest That ain’t really where I’m coming from If I had that thirst Why I’m barely asking for minimum? Want a couple pesos For my rent for breakfast Just a space to throw my Eight-ohs Over which I’ll lay my message Leggings to hold my J-lo Shirts to cover up my breastsess Ten percent I’ll pay to church The rest I’ll spend on my textbooks Assigned by all my professors on the daily read a hundred pages The music helps the stress it's not about the money making But when I drop the heat you acting like you can’t afford it Don’t let me see your feet I know you rock the newest jordans Just watch if MTV come walking up to ring my doors It's gone be my enemies that got the words on every chorus CHORUS
DL 03:26
VERSE 1 Momma called 'em homos Daddy called 'em worse So he really couldn’t let go Of the feeling he was cursed But a pretty boy has got a lot of trouble hidin' Other kids be so annoyed because he wasn’t smiling At all the PYTs who seemed to really want him People thinking he might be a little Jimmy Baldwin So began his life of tryna make it on the on the dl Getting "d" at night but in the daylight he with females He never told a soul he had to make sure no one noticed So he smashed a couple hoes and always acted homophobic Then he knocked a lady up she called him and she told him She would have the baby though they barely kicked it like a goalie When she got more roly poly she asked when he would step up He looked her in her eyes and told her "Hey please don’t expect much You told me gays should hide and now I guess that I should fess up So guess what? Locked up in the closet so I started playing dress up" CHORUS You can put me in a box I'mma box ya Lock the closet up it's impossible I don’t want your gospel Tried to be a fraud But I can't afford the cost of Putting on a drama that deserves a couple Oscars x2 VERSE 2 She got a poppa from Jamaica And a crib he bought in Queens All of the shottas tryna take her virginity every week On her way to class Grabbing at her cake while she walking passed Finally couldn’t take it had to clock 'em That’s how she got a rep for being crazy On the daily thugs would chase her They tried intimidation Then one day her neighbors raped her They said it had occurred because she never dated men Though she had never said a word her father hated lesbians She faked it for a minute with the brother of her friend Then he started catching feelings said he couldn’t just pretend He begged to make it physical -- she wouldn’t so he let her know That he would show her father things she tried to make invisible So she let him smash Sometimes he even taped it And as the months would pass He started looking like her rapist She finally snapped and stabbed his body with a knife But her daddy died the day before she got 40 to life CHORUS
Reset 03:56
CHORUS When you need to reset It means that you grow 'Cuz living is a thing that Your wings can't control You deal with the blows The hills and the lows So when you get a lemon Plant a seed and let it go VERSE 1 My computer in my arms Then it fell and it hit the pavement I come through to tech support And now they tellin’ me they can’t save it Every beat that I had made My vocals all erased On my knees and now I’m praying I don’t go and catch a case Somebody pressed the reset I guess so I could reject All the he said and she said That was giving me some feedback When I lost my presets Jesus I was seasick But losing everything was exactly what I had needed Had to hit the restart At first I didn’t think it was really life like it’s VR Hit so hard I thought I was flying cuz I could see stars Wishing life was something like driving so I could detour Crying like I’m Ee-yore Didn’t see a blessing Silly me I was foolish Instead I started cussing People telling me to cool it But He was simply testing me To see if I could do it And now I found the best of me But first I had to lose it CHORUS VERSE 2 Matter’s not created No it’s only reimagined So what matters is how creative You are with what you have And we be feelin' like we Sisyphus But listen it’s not to good to stress And let the things we cannot change Possess and get the best of us I can’t accept defeat, yo, I’m far too gifted for that I rested for a week, though I knew I had to get back To making all these beats no more stress about the setbacks Laced up both my cleats so my kicks is sounding kick-ass You can achieve it all if you want it bad enough You can be Ethan Hawke blastin' outta Gattaca Or you can lay in the dark locked up in attic But I'mma stay flexin hard watch me as I power up Mama used to say Rome didn’t grow in a day I feel the pain but it all gone dissipate You can play it safe With your store bought Minute Maid But I prefer the taste Of my homemade lemonade CHORUS
CHORUS Slow (slow) Spinnin' No (no) Guarantees I’mma be ending up in my Own (own) crib this evening I wanted to hit the road So I’ll get good sleep in I know that I’m far too gone So till then I’ll just be Slow (slow) Spinnin' No (no) Guarantees I’mma be ending up in my Own (own) crib this evening I wanted to hit the road So I’ll get good sleep in I know that I’m far too gone So till then VERSE 1 It’s been a long week Finna hit that happY hour Rollin' to the bar quick Get that Amaretto sour Three sips, four sips He part his lips like its forceps Bar pouring drinks like its faucets And he throwing tips like its costless Got a little wealth cuz he paid now Bought top shelf he be laid out He can’t stay up so he stay south He just gave up so he face down Got a eight ounce in his pockets But he can’t bounce, legs won't move He making out in the darkness With a brick house who just left her dude Woah-- Get some Aquafina take a seat and put your feet up The chica from before she say really want meet up She give you all her info when she roll you thinking She was sounding sexy as she look you call her onomatopoeia Now you try to dip so you decide that it’s ya last one You tell your clique that you’ll be fine and put your glass up (Take a) Take another Hennessy w/ lime but you is not drunk So you finna do it one more time they call you daft punk CHORUS VERSE 2 He act like life is a pipe That you should smoke til you die They call him Sean Paul He always thinking just gimme the light He end up sparking up in the parking lot 'Til he spot a cop then he smarten up Too drunk to be starting stuff But he out of luck tryna find the truck Finally grab his whip and then he stumble as he finna get in Got double vision like he got a bad astigmatism Riding home He getting tired Eyes are low Drive a hundred miles Grab the phone Start to dial Say hello He can hear the smile like "Hey don’t you think you callin kinda late? Okay you need to stay with me but I ain’t at my place I’m drivin' down the interstate I won’t be home 'til eight Now wait somebody's brights is all up in my face!" [Screams] Boom You flying high right through the divider Just in time you catch her eyes the moment you colliding [Silence] Silence -- this wasn’t what you ever had in mind When you had whispered that tonight you decided to get inside her CHORUS
Nu Clothes 03:18
CHORUS New clothes feel good 'Til they don’t feel good anymore Kudos to those kids Got things can’t get in a store x2 VERSE 1 Wet dreams of a black card And puttin' keys in a fast car That you can speak to the dashboard And getting speed like a track star Pass other people you ask "What you mad for?" And you really want a body con dress So you can get a smiley face emoticon texts Even though you in the cold and your body be exposed To the world like it’s mardi gras breasts You on your knees praying to submission Cuz spending Gs is a true religion You don’t believe in a ghoul and witch But you gotta ha the jeans with the super stitchin’ Head straight to the store with friends And when you get a check it’s some more to spend Forget a little debt yeah its more than that if Dior was a Christian you born again CHORUS VERSE 2 Finance is a trainwreck Buy Ray-Bans with your paycheck Got big plans for a Maybach But when you sitting on a bill Take a rain check It could cost being so sartorial Spend a lot getting draws at Victoria You be giving all your bread Staying in the red But you act colorblind like an oreo For a black kid fashion is a way to speak But just imagine all the cash that we could keep If we invested back into our favorite streets And paid attention 'stead of paying crazy cheese It's like one day you be running 'round Brinstar Then you’re dead and you get what you lived for Who you think finna answer the big door? Pretty sure it is not Anna Wintour CHORUS
CHORUS I’m throwing a pity party Fuck you to everybody Unless you feel me pain Don’t even get me started I’m hearing the tick tock Of the big clock I and to pray to the Lord To make this stop I’m throwing a pity party Fuck you to everybody Unless you feel me pain Don’t even get me started I’m hearing the tick tock Of my wrist watch Cut my wrist off And then it stops VERSE What am I doing? Is it worth me pursuing degrees? I don’t even know I'm gon' do if I’m 37 and I’m still a student Can’t focus on music I be comparing myself to my friends I know It's a bad habit I try hard to let it go I admit I been feeling pathetic so I keep on thinking in all hypotheticals Every minute it’s What if I dropped out? What if I stopped now? What if I…? Well where would I be now? And how would my beats sound On Spotify? I try to be grateful After all it’s the first world But when I’m alone and I’m looking on Facebook I feel like a cursed girl Social media show me where I’d rather be Like out on the beach while I’m riding a beat To cover my pain I stay making small talk I remain a big catch in a small pond I should probably log-off But I got a few fans who would pop-off So I stay to give props to the people who got me Support and defend me at all costs The tale is ever so tall That if you be good then you will receive Cuz I’ve been giving my all But I’m still the same exact hue as mystique My passion don’t pay for my lights So I do things I hate and it’s painful it's like I should swallow the red pill and ease my nerves To get rid of the feeling of dreams deferred CHORUS VERSE [Open Mike Eagle] Steadily inhaling blow and exhaust Get where I'm going don't know what it costs Swear in my heart what I'm doing is art How come ain't nobody roping it off? American losing my African-ness Trying to sneak a peak at the abyss I know how to breathe but I don't though And I don't know And I don't know Tell myself shut the fuck up So I can focus on focusing Who am I arguing with though? I dig through the pavement Cuz I want to touch on the earth With the tip of my tip toe Spend half my life in a disco And rappers be telling me get low I'm already there so I get high Forbidding my animal-ness From chasing that vaginal bliss Life is a body mechanic Vestigial teeth in my animal jaw Remind me of handing out mandible claws I might be a ship that never sales Thinking of failure that never fails Everywhere I look I see a degree of associate Doing much better should I look for openness Focus on my shit Focus on focusing Focus my focus on focusing Yeah... CHORUS
Lovesong 03:00
VERSE 1 Im checking my texts and I get a request For Sammus to give 'em a 10 minute set I won’t get a check but I never reject Whenever I can get a second to spit At first I was reading the fine print Making sure that it's seeming alright then I saw words I did not want to find, when I had noticed the theme of the night and I was not a big fan of it So I hit up my management I called him to cancel it He told me to chill I was tripping I needed some cannabis Like Sammus just Articulate what is the problem? I really can’t figure out what's wrong I told him my nigga, you wilin’ They want me to give ‘em a love song [pause] If I look thru my catalog I don’t make that kind of song That ain’t the shit that I’m on You need to respond and you tell 'em I might be gone He laughed and told me that maybe it’s time Maybe this really a sign That I should engage with that four letter word That I always be trying to deny CHORUS So I don’t wanna write it I wanna feel it When the love dies I won’t have to deal with A love song that I can’t ever hear It's better for me when it all disappears x2 Verse 2 Love is a cliché Could I honestly say Something better than what I create with my beat tapes? I mean it’s a deep space I don’t have the tools or the vocab To give it the feeling we both have When we're lying in bed and it's sunny inside Though its rains everyday in the forecast How can I write about kissing you When I don’t want share it with anyone else? How can I write about giving you Parts of me that I never once gave to myself? How can I talk about cumming? Cumming? Cumming? Cumming? Nigga it’s a feeling How can I write about running Running Running Running My hands on your fingers? How can I capture the motion Of the car when I'm pulling the door shut 'Cuz you tried to jump out when I told ya I might let someone else get the chocha And we both high on doja? CHORUS So I don’t wanna write it I wanna feel it When the love dies I won’t have to deal with A love song that I can’t ever hear Is better for me when it all disappears x2


It has been a year since Sammus fought and destroyed M’other Brain. The experience left her drained and questioning her desire and ability to continue in her line of work. Since that time she has been healing by taking a step back from the field and serving in an advisory role for a group of promising young bounty hunters. Floating across galaxies in a self-funded space station, Sammus spends her days training the group of ingénues in all her skills.

One afternoon during a session she is pulled aside by the ship’s captain. For the past several hours the crew has been picking up distress calls and SOS signals that have been sent by Lib Front, a group of self-proclaimed freedom fighters on a nearby planet. Most notably they have been adamant that they are being attacked by a legion of alien soldiers operating under the leadership of a warlord known only as Light Sammus. Carrying a price tag of millions, Light Sammus has been rumored to be the force behind the destruction of countless civilizations across the galaxy, but most importantly for Sammus, her presence has meant the ruin of Sammus’ good name.

Without a moment’s hesitation our young heroine issues a code red, instructing her students to immediately disembark from the space station as it has now become mission control for the journey to capture Light Sammus. Welcome to PRIME.


released July 18, 2013

Label: NuBlack Music Group [NBMG]

1. School's Out Intro (Sammus)
Performed by Sammus
2.School's Out (Sammus)
Written, Produced & Performed by Sammus
Sample: Panthero Theme [Panthero] by Bernard Hoffer
3. Nu Black (Sammus)
Written, Produced & Performed by Sammus
Sample: In Memorian [A Nino Bravo] by Danny Daniel
4. Success (Sammus & Chance Fischer)
Written & Performed by Sammus & Chance Fischer
Produced by Sammus
Sample: Catchin' the Fever by The Main Ingredient featuring Cuba Gooding
5. Growin' Up (Sammus)
Written, Produced & Performed by Sammus
6. Free Intro (Sammus)
Performed by Sammus
7. Free (Sammus)
Written, Produced & Performed by Sammus
8. DL (Sammus)
Written, Produced & Performed by Sammus
Sample: Mildness by Jean Claudric
9. Reset (Sammus)
Written, Produced & Performed by Sammus
Sample: With You by The Main Ingredient featuring Cuba Gooding
10. Slow Spinnin' (Sammus)
Written, Produced & Performed by Sammus
Sample: Ready for Love by The Main Ingredient featuring Cuba Gooding
11. Nu Clothes (Sammus)
Written, Produced & Performed by Sammus
Sample: I'm Gonna Tear Your Playhouse Down - Ann Peebles
12. Pity Party (Sammus & Open Mike Eagle)
Written & Performed by Sammus & Open Mike Eagle)
Sample: Utopia [New Ears Rmx] by Goldfrapp
13. Lovesong (Sammus)
Written, Produced & Performed by Sammus
Sample: Fallin' in Love Again by Dynamite

All songs except track 13 (mixed by Eightsense) mixed by Joshua
Applebee at Sugar Hill Studios
All songs mastered by Wes Coas at Sounds Right Mastering
Album artwork by Gabriel Eng-Goetz
Label: NuBlack Music Group [NBMG]

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Sammus Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Sammus is the stage name adopted by Ithaca, NY producer, rapper, and PhD student Enongo Lumumba-Kasongo. Known as much for her rousing stage presence as she is for her prowess as a beatmaker and lyricist, Sammus has spent the past several years cultivating a strong following of activists, hip hop heads, punks, and self-proclaimed nerds and geeks, among others. ... more

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